Students Society of McGill Univeristy Event Management System (SSMUEMS)


This system is designed to try and make booking a room at the SSMU a whole lot easier.

Important information 

  1. All rules and procedures implemented here are governed by the SSMU Bylaws.
  2. For full information on rooms and how the whole process works, please see here.
  3. If you have any questions regarding room bookings, please contact the Events Administrator.

Book a Room
Rental Inquiry for Non-SSMU Users
Via your own account for SSMU Users
Informational Links 
Check here to see the calendar of events 
Check here for information on the rooms available in SSMU for booking.
Check here to see pictures of the rooms, floor plans, procedures, rates and more. 

External Users and McGill Community (external to SSMU)

To check availability, you may Browse for Space. Please contact for  an estimate and an initial confirmation. 

SSMU Users

Only accounts made with club emails will be accepted. Once you have created your account, please email to have your account activated.


If you have any questions, or feel this system could be improved upon in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the Events Administrator for help with this system.